Another Layer of Vendor Criteria

Beyond the technical implementation of the survey project itself, there is another layer of vendor criteria to consider. Your vendor is your ally in your quest to improve your organization’s culture by engaging and then retaining more of your very best employees. An ally is supportive and shares in your common goals. Just so, your vendor partner should provide you not only with a quick and efficient survey administration but also add other value to your relationship. A strong vendor partner will educate you and your team on engagement and retention best practices plus the most efficient use of the tolls available. Your partner should share educational materials such as white papers, case studies, webinars, workshops, eBooks, and other thought leadership on the subject of employee engagement and retention. Another important vendor criteria to look for is a survey provider who is actively improving their products and services on an ongoing basis. Their focus on providing you the best tools in the marketplace allows you to focus on your employee survey project success.