As you plan your employee survey you should consider the following:

  • Create a clear definition of why you are conducting a survey. What is the business issue you are trying to solve?
  • Obtaining commitment from your senior leadership team to the employee survey and the implementation process.
  • How the results will be shared and with whom. Sharing at least some of the results with all employees is critical.
  • How you will communicate information about the employee survey. Transparency about your employee survey will encourage employees to participate and support the results.
  • Ways to obtain commitment from all levels of leadership for implementation. Senior leaders must set the tone that the employee survey and the outcomes are a strategic priority. Functional leaders will need to implement change initiatives.
  • As the project owner, do you have the support of your leader to provide the resources you need to be successful?
  • Should you partner with a consultant to assist you in the design and implementation of the employee survey to help you ensure the project is a success?